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Lancaster bankruptcy attorney who is local and experienced. Don’t gamble with someone down below or who is a dabbler or even bankruptcy paralegal. For a once-in-a-lifetime legal process, go with confidence with an attorney who has helped thousands of our neighbors in Lancaster, Palmdale, Quartz Hill, and our surrounding areas in the Antelope Valley.

Most attorneys only do one kind of bankruptcy, if they even handle these cases at all. Lancaster Bankruptcy specializes in both types for consumer debtors, and does them with expertise and success.

Types of Bankruptcy

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy: for lower-income people who can’t afford to repay
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy: like debt consolidation

“If you only have a hammer, everything looks like nail.” To someone who only dabbles in Chapter 7, they’ll squeeze everyone into this type, regardless if it benefits you or not, whether you can lose things like a house or cash, and even if you don’t qualify. These cases usually end up badly. Then we get called and see if we can fix a nine-dollar haircut. Don’t cut corners and hope for the best. Find a skilled Lancaster bankruptcy attorney who has both a hammer and a set of pliers.

Lancaster Bankruptcy

There are Lancaster bankruptcy attorneys in Palmdale and the AV who only do it part-time. That is, they have a part-time office that is empty most days. Or maybe they do family law, estate planning, and bankruptcy part-time if someone needs it.  Those aren’t really Lancaster bankruptcy lawyers.

We’re in the Antelope Valley, at our only office, every business day. Not just when we’re not golfing at Rancho Vista like the other guys. In fact, we don’t golf. We’re here in the office each day. This is not a part-time office.

Furthermore, we only do bankruptcy law. Not part-time dabblers like some jacks-of-all-trades. This is an area of law with lots of twists and turns, nooks and crannies. The dabblers and part-time lawyers and paralegals get their clients burned.

So let a full-time bankruptcy lawyer help you, and have peace of mind.

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