As the AV Reopens, Let’s Fix that COVID Financial Mess

COVID May be Over, but the Wreckage Lingers

It’s no secret that 2020 was a terrible, awful, no-good year. It impacted lives, relationships, jobs, and financial budgets. For a while, it seemed 2021 would be no better. Coronavirus cases continued to mount and deaths increased, jobs were gone.

And then the vaccine was announced in late 2020 started really getting deployed. By March, essential workers had access to the COVID vaccine. By April, people over 50. And by late-spring/early summer 2021, cases and deaths were down, the CDC said those who were fully vaccinated could remove masks, and Lancaster and the rest of the Antelope Valley started really opening up again. It felt normal.

But let’s face it, all those months of not working and cut hours in 2020 can still leave reminders in 2021 and beyond. To make ends meet, mortgage forbearances and paying bills with credit cards were almost a necessity. And now the mortgage company may want all those skipped months paid and caught up in a hurry, and the credit cards might not be as understanding anymore.

Let’s talk it over and go over your options. We’re just down the 14 and right off the freeway offramp. And together, let’s leave COVID and all its reminders in the past, forever.

Antelope Valley bankruptcy office celebrates over 10 years

Ten years ago, we opened our Antelope Valley law office providing Palmdale and Lancaster bankruptcy services to the surrounding community. Through bad economy and good, we’ve been right here in the AV helping people get a fresh start.  We’re proud to be neighbors you can turn to if your personal economy takes a turn for the worse.